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FAQs: Some of the more frequently asked questions (and their answers) are below.

Q1: How much does it cost to be a member of the FTT community?

  • A1: Annual membership fees (in South African Rands) are available here. Equivalents in US$ or Euro are payable for FTT Members in all other African countries.

Q2: What are the requirements for FTT Certification?

  • A2: FTT Certification requirements are based on FTT's Standard, the most recent version of which comprises 181 criteria (some mandatory, some not). More information is available here.

Q3: Is FTT Certification available for businesses located in countries outside of Africa?

  • A3: It is important that "sustainability" is defined according to what is appropriate within the local context. As such, FTT works with partners and auditors who are familiar with the destination in which FTT Members are based. Currently, this includes South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. We are exploring additional partnerships on the continent and retain our focus on the unique and diverse countries of Africa.

Q4: How do I provide feedback about the sustainability performance of a business that is FTT-certified (or that is claiming to be)?

  • A4: For any concerns you may have, you are welcome to make use of our complaints procedure.

If your query isn't addressed above, please feel free to make use of the contact form to let us know how we can help.


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