Respect. It's one of the main principles underpinning the implementation of Fair Trade Tourism in the workplace, but also a principle that should apply in every sphere of our daily lives.

Over the past weeks, South Africans have united their voices to demand the restoration of respect for all in society. We lend our voice to this demand and invite the #FTTFamily to positively influence the eradication of gender-based violence through education in the workplace and broader community.

The "Your Moment of Truth" and "Sources of Strength" campaigns in Kenya have targeted boys and girls in over 300 schools across Nairobi to change perceptions and attitudes about sexual violence, resulting in a 51% decrease in reported rape among project participants! Initiatives like this that empower your staff and community to recognise and prevent sexual violence can be effective in any destination.

Identify local organisations working to prevent gender-based and sexual violence and partner with them to run perception-altering campaigns in your local area. A list of some organisations to consider include:

TEARS Foundation providing access to crisis intervention, advocacy, counseling and prevention education services plus a free SMS helpline
Sonke Gender Justice promotes gender equality, and the prevention of domestic and sexual violence
Brothers for Life: rape & abuse prevention and helpline
Safer Spaces sn an online knowledge hub on community safety and violence prevention

There may be many other local support organisations that you are aware of; reach out to them and other tourism industry partners to join hands to create a safe society for all.

Enough is enough.


Since 2014, White Shark Projects has been spreading ocean optimism and awareness through its annual 21 Days for the Ocean campaign. Why 21 days? Because research suggests that is how long it takes to break a bad habit (or perhaps to start a good one).
This year's theme is The Ocean in Us, highlighting how each of us is connected to the ocean in some way - be it through food, work, or leisure activities, to name a few.
In addition to the customary coastal clean-ups, schools outreach activities and local fundraisers, this year's campaign marks the launch of the Ocean Defenders educational group. The Ocean Defenders aim to provide youth with the knowledge and skills to protect the environment, which will in turn create a more sustainable future for them. Giving young people a sense of fulfillment and pride in helping prevent further damage to the oceans helps to positively influence their attitudes and impacts on the environment.
Join the campaign and make a pledge to the ocean for 21 days this September - from selecting only green seafood options on the SASSI guide, to using less plastic... all of our actions make a difference.
For more information about the campaign visit White Shark Projects' website ( or follow them on social media. 

Images copyright © White Shark Projects


Uthando South Africa has, so far, successfully raised funds for 16 functional art table tennis installations at schools and community spaces in the Cape Town area, most of which have been sponsored by other travel and tourism businesses. And... the 17th one will be going in this week! 
Juma Mkwela of Township Art Tours has joined in the efforts to provide his amazing painting craftsmanship to the tables. He is joined by the children and others at the respective installation sites, ensuring that the community is part of the creative process. 
What a lot of fun and community building!

To learn more about Uthando and its efforts to partner with the travel-trade to support local development, visit

Images copyright © Uthando South Africa


The Timbavati Private Nature Reserve is home to a number of commercial accommodation options that thrive (and depend) on the destination's wildlife offering - from fully serviced bush camps and lodges, to self-catering options. One of these - Umlani Bushcamp - is a long-standing certified member of the FTT Family.

While these businesses naturally (pun intended ;) ) compete for bednights, they have realised that collaborating on local development objectives is more effective than doing so individually. By establishing the Timbavati Foundation, social, economic development, and climate adaptation initiatives in the local area enjoy the joint support of the Timbavati lodges, resulting in far greater capacity to impact on a scale to create meaningful change.
Some of the recent successes that the Foundation has participated in include the construction of an outside kitchen at Nhlayiseko Old Age Home, drilling a borehole at NPO Nourish (also home to a community-owned tourism business) to provide safe drinking water, creating a conservation culture among future conservation leaders by providing access for almost 40,000 local children to the Timbavati Museum, improving sanitation at 5 local schools through the installation of nearly 60 Enviro loos, and perfecting compost heap facilities to suit the local realities of living with wildlife.
So much more can be achieved by joining forces! To learn more about the Timbavati Foundation, visit or contact Umlani Bushcamp ( to learn about their experience with it.

Images copyright © Timbavati Foundation


Tourism partners, friends and media gathered at an evening event at the Two Oceans Aquarium with the team of Dyer Island Conservation Trust and Marine Dynamics to look back at nearly two decades of research, conservation and education achievements. During the evening, the question was raised of whether tourism does enough to conserve the wild habitat and species upon which visitor experiences are based. Watch the video below for the response of Wilfred Chivell, owner of Marine Dynamics and founder of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust; he spreads the message that encouraging tour operators and travellers to choosing ethical operators is a way of giving back and ensuring your spending contributes to so much more.
"Your choice makes a difference"


Isibindi Africa Lodges have had an overwhelmingly positive response to guests forfeiting their non-essential sweet pillow treat in favour of a contribution being made to a local school feeding program. Isibindi has found that guest interest is piqued by the feeding program and that they then often make a donation to support the other social development activities that the Isibindi Foundation is driving! More responsible travel taking root...!
To learn more about the Isibindi Foundation, visit

Images copyright © Isibindi Foundation
Our collaboration to showcase locally available products that are guaranteed by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) continues, with some #FTTFamily members stocking up on good for everyone teas and skincare products that were showcased in our last newsletter. This month we're featuring a combination of products that will be of particular interest to your F&B teams: spices and condiments for every meal, and handmade ceramics to serve them in!
TURQLE TRADING carries two labels under its delicious FOOD story: Ukuva iAfrica with its spices and sauces that tell the story of the travellers' food journey through Africa and the thousand meals they shared along the way...

And - you are in luck - they are currently offering a discount on their Hot Drops chillis. Not only adding some voomah to your meals, but packaged in local wire and beadwork made by people from Cape Mental Health, providing opportunities for people with mental disabilities.
and Cape Treasures with a diverse range of mustards, smoked olive oil, blended sea salts, relishes, reductions, seasonings, and more...
All of Turqle's products can be purchased online HERE with orders over R250 being eligible for free delivery in South Africa!
(P.S. Don't forget to contact us for your discount code...)

For more information about their full range of products,
visit their website at
For something extraordinary to serve all of your perfectly spiced dishes in, check out KAPULA. Although renowned for their incredibly beautiful, African- and nature-inspired candles (including soy options), we want to talk about their ceramics...
Kapula offers an almost unlimited selection of handmade, hand-painted ceramics for you: choose any shape from their catalogue and combine it with any of their designs. So whether you need individual condiment bowls for your tables (to replace single-serve jams and butters), bulk sugar bowls for you conference tea/coffee service, or just some colour on the breakfast buffet, they can create it - beautifully, locally, by hand, and with respect for people and the planet.
For more information about Kapula, or to browse their shape and design catalogues, visit their website at
By purchasing the products made by WFTO-guaranteed businesses, you are contributing to an economy that embraces empowerment and positive impact. For more information about WFTO and its global community, see
Remember… FTT members qualify for a discount on the purchase of WFTO-guaranteed items for the duration of the campaign!

For more information, or to access your #FTTFamily discount, please contact Ana Lemmer on
Images copyright ©: Turqle Trading, Kapula, and World Fair Trade Organization
Have you ever considered charging guests for not re-using towels, rather than begging them to do so....? "Removing mini shampoos from hotel rooms isn't enough to save the environment"...
This article looks at some of the 'green' actions being taken by tourism businesses and questions whether they are simply a good-for-business PR exercise, or truly a decision taken to save the environment. Read the full article here.

Egypt Launches Environmental Festival to Promote Ecotourism
The 3-day Nature and Local Cultures Festival held in Cairo's Wadi Degla "aims to promote various arts, cultures, environmental products, handicrafts and heritage of local people living in natural conserves, in addition to promoting ecotourism in Egypt," director of environmental development at the ministry, Samah Saleh. Full article here.

Kenyan President Confirmed as Tourism Resilience Center Honorary Co-Chair
Kenyan and Jamaican leadership sign an MOU to broaden cooperation in tourism. Among the many areas listed in the framework for cooperation are the promotion of safe, ethical and sustainable tourism; collaboration on addressing risk related to tourism resilience and crisis management, through research and development, policy advocacy and communication management, and training and capacity building; and the establishment of a satellite centre of the GTRCM in Kenya. The full article is available here.

Community-based Tourism: a transparent alternative to voluntourism
FTT has long maintained that supporting local businesses, including the supply chains of tourism businesses, is critical for healthy, inclusive economies. This article unpacks why they see buying from and staying with locally-owned businesses is even better than volunteering. Read more here.

Filipino fishermen making millions protecting whale sharks
Do you prefer your sharks finned alive, or fed...? Fishermen in the Oslob ares of the Philippines have switched from fishing to tourism and, as a result, are making sure the whale sharks - their business draw card - are well protected. Full articles here.

International Institute of Peace Through Tourism (IIPT) Course on Tourism and Peace
The IIPT is offering a free online course in tourism and peace. More information is available here and you can sign up for the course here.
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