Welcome back! It's been a busy couple of months since our last update with so many observances aligned with FTT principles, including World Environment Day, World Oceans Day, World Day Against Child Labour Day and now Plastic Free July! We all agree that these should be respected every day but we appreciate the annual reminder and special attention given to these days by the #FTTFamily.

That is why sharing the family happenings in this newsletter is so fun - it's an opportunity for us to showcase what all of you do and to inspire others with your achievements. So without further ado... let's get to it!

P.S. Please remember to share your Fair Trade Tourism achievements with us so that we can feature them in future editions.

As announced in our last newsletter, in our social media, and at WTM Africa in April, FTT has embarked on a #SourceFairTrade campaign with the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) to make our tourism network more aware of WFTO-guaranteed products that are available locally.
Being guaranteed by WFTO means that these businesses are operating in a way that is similar to that of the FTT Family in that the principles of Fair Trade are part of their operating ethos, which is then independently verified. By buying the goods they produce, you are contributing to an economy that embraces empowerment and positive impact. For more information about WFTO and its global community, find them on http://wfto.com.

Featured products for this newsletter edition are provided below. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter (both @FairTradeTourism) for ongoing snippets of info about how you might use these items in your own operations.
Rain Africa produces luxury handmade body and skincare products that are made with love and care for their customers, craftspeople and the environment. Their product promise is to be organically African, to care for the users and producers of their products, to embrace a people-centred approach, and to be nature-friendly and cruelty-free.
Rain has developed a range of products specifically for the hospitality sector, which includes high quality, environmentally-friendly guest amenities as well as practical, sector-specific items such as wall brackets and refillable, sand-blasted glass bottles.
You can find all of these and so much more in their online shop (https://shop.rainafrica.com/) or if you prefer to immerse yourself in the natural fragrances and textures, their store locations and more information are available on their website: https://rainafrica.com.
TopQualiTea gives your business the perfect opportunity to offer a uniquely local hot beverage option on tea and coffee trays. They specialize in Rooibos and Honeybush as well as a unique Espresso tea for a caffeine-free Rooibos (or Honeybush) Espresso option.
All of the TopQualiTea teas are certified organic and produced without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or other agrochemicals. They are produced in cooperation with small farmer-families and can be purchased online (https://topqualitea.bio/online-shop) or at a range of outlets across southern Africa, all of which are listed on their website: https://topqualitea.bio/.
African Butterfly produces functional, durable, high quality hair combs that are hand crafted by women from the communities in the immediate vicinity of the business founders’ base. The hair combs are suited to all hair types, thick or thin!
They have been so loved by those who try them that what started out in 2004 as a small, family-owned business in Gauteng has turned into a successful business with distributors of the patented fashion accessory in a number of countries around the world!
WFTO-guaranteed and made in South Africa, the hair combs come in a range of styles, colours and materials that would surely be great sellers in your curio shop. Or you could make them part of your staff uniform to give your team a uniquely South African look that would also ensure hair was kept neat and presentable while on shift.

African Butterfly's range is available on their online shop: http://africanbutterflyheadoffice.com/store/ and learn more about them at www.fairtradecombs.com/products.
Remember… FTT members qualify for a discount on the purchase of WFTO-guaranteed items for the duration of the campaign!

For more information, or to access your #FTTFamily discount, please contact Ana Lemmer on ana@fairtrade.travel.
Images copyright ©: World Fair Trade Organization,
Rain Africa, Top QualiTea, and African Butterfly


Over the past 2 years, Isibindi Africa's KwaZulu-Natal lodges have taken the fight against plastic pollution seriously, either eliminating or dramatically reducing single-use plastics in their operations. So far, plastic items that they have tackled include:
  • plastic straws; paper ones are available on request only
  • small juice boxes are not offered any more since they come with plastic straws
  • paper liners - not plastic ones - are used for bins
  • packed lunches no longer use plastic wrap; reusable containers and greaseproof paper are the alternative in place now
  • sanitary disposal liners have been replaced with paper ones
  • soap packaging has been replaced by recycled content soap boxes
  • earbuds and shower caps have been removed from rooms
  • milk is provided in jugs instead of sachets wherever possible
  • guest amenities are provided in refillable glass or recycled plastic bottles
  • toothpicks wrapped in paper are available instead of plastic wrapped ones
Their coastal properties also provide guests with hessian bags to collect beach litter on their walks (with a complimentary cocktail as an incentive!). Items collected are used for local art projects which are then displayed on site!
For more information about Isibindi Africa's lodges, see www.isibindi.co.za.
They have also recently established the Isibindi Foundation, which you can learn about on www.isibindifoundation.org.

Images copyright ©: Isibindi Africa and Lisa Scriven


The Backpack sponsors a  TED-Ed Club from Dunoon in Cape Town, hosting their Ted-Ed talks in the hostel every second Thursday of the month. Guests are invited to join and listen, providing a live audience for the speakers (and an opportunity to raise some funds!).
TED-Ed Clubs are extracurricular clubs that encourage students to stand up and have their voices heard. It offers them a chance to explore topics they’re passionate about, to convert their thoughts into a speech performing it to a live audience. Club members are provided with the materials, tailored to each student’s individual needs, as well as the advice and mentoring they need to succeed. The club members not only improve their research skills and English comprehension but also their public speaking capabilities.
They also learn stress and time management skills, which are vital to their future successes in educational and professional prospects. The club members are given the opportunity to connect with other members of TED-Ed Clubs around the world and to see the global impact of their ideas. 
TED-Ed Clubs are an initiative of SAVE foundation that works to enrich, educate and empower various township and settlement communities, as well as protect and rehabilitate wildlife in areas of Africa through the assistance of enthusiastic volunteers and sponsors such as The Backpack and its dedicated staff.
To view some of the talks, visit http://savefoundation.org.za/save-ted-ed-clubs/#1541762833051-eba85d84-4f36

To learn more about The Backpack - "the hostel for social change" - and its commitment to youth empowerment, visit www.thebackpack.co.za


Coffee Shack Backpackers has been driving development projects in and around the Coffee Bay area of the Wild Coast since day one.

One of its biggest impact initiatives in terms of influencing the future of the community has been launching a pre-primary educational opportunity that was previously non-existent and that offers the diverse range of tiny learners a form of directed education that teaches them independence and freedom of intellectual development.

Sounds like the kind of school we all would have liked to have attended... The fantastic video below shares more, both about the school and the "directors" from the local community who work there.

The story of Ikhaya Labantwana: "The children, they are clever...!"

Learn more about Ikhaya Labantwana and the
Sustainable Coffee Bay initiative at https://sustainablecoffeebay.org.za/.

To check out Coffee Bay Backpackers,
visit (in person :) ) or here: www.coffeeshack.co.za.


The Wacky Butterfly Trail Run was hosted on the beautiful farm of Jan Harmsgat Country House near Swellendam on 8 June 2019 as part of the Wacky Wine Festival. The fundraiser event was hosted in aid of the Barrydale Hospice, an NGO that provides palliative care in the nearby town of Barrydale.

The Wacky Butterfly Trail Run attracted over 100 runners who took part in either the 5km or 10km options, both of which meandered through the rhenosterveld, vineyards and pomegranate orchards on Jan Harmsgat Farm.

Barrydale Hospice is dependent on donations to carry out its service the area, so support like this is greatly appreciated.
Jan Harmsgat not only hosted the event, but also provided the prizes for the winners of the fun run!

More information about the farm and historic 1723 guesthouse can be found on https://janharmsgat.com.
Images copyright ©: Steven Esterhuizen and Gabi Rodrigues


A proud moment for young student, Noxolo Ndaba, from Hambrook village as she finally graduates from Boston College after completing her Computer Training course. All whilst also teaching students at the Nobomi High School!

The course consisted of all aspects pertaining to computer skills, such as word processing, general office practise, windows, excel, understanding the internet. During this time she has been sharing her skills with the children at Nobomi High School in the classroom that was modified by Three Tree Hill.

Noxolo was chosen by Three Tree Hill out of the top matric achievers as recommended by the school principal in 2017. Noxolo's expenses were covered completely, including her diploma tuition, administration, transport to / from the college, meals whilst at the college, and her salary stipend whilst teaching!
Three Tree Hill is grateful to its past guests for supporting this achievement; it is through them that contributions to the Community & Conservation Fund made it possible for Noxolo to achieve her success.
For more information about Three Tree Hill as well as their Community & Conservation Fund, see www.threetreehill.co.za.

Images copyright © Three Tree Hill


South Africa is often a land of extremes and the people of Plettenberg Bay have experienced that in its harshest form recently. We were, therefore, so heartened to read about the impact of Siyakula on the Qolweni community over the past year.
Siyakula is the community development 'arm' of the Orca Foundation, which has long been supported by Ocean Blue Adventures. Its achievements over the past year addressed many social development priorities of the local Qolweni community. 
These included a makeover and geyser installation at Siyakula Crèche, installation of internet (a first in Qolweni) and laptops for learners, exposure to music through the ongoing Field Band programme, as well as school and elderly feeding programmes.
To learn more about the activities of Siyakula, download their 2018-19 newsletter at http://orcafoundation.com/siyakula-newsletter/ where you can also link to the details of the Orca Foundation.

Connect with Ocean Blue Adventures for a full range of coastal activities, including close encounter whale watching and cultural visits to Qolweni: http://oceanadventures.co.za/.

Images copyright © Orca Foundation


Stormsriver Adventures has gone another step ahead to ensure that it is respectful of the cultures of its clientele and staff.
Lee-Marque Jansen, who heads up their Marketing & PR, proudly announced the addition of a prayer room for Stormsriver Adventures' Muslim adventurers! Jansen pointed out that "Stormsriver Adventures is the first eco adventure company to offer an Outdoor Prayer Room for its Muslim clientele.”
The addition of the prayer room complements other facilities on site, including a restaurant that caters for everyone, including vegan, vegetarian and halaal dietary requirements.
For more information about Stormsriver Adventures, the activities it offers,
and why it has been FTT-certified for 16-years (!!)
visit www.stormsriver.com.

Image copyright © Stormsriver Adventures


Based in Gansbaai, the Marine Dynamics Academy is part of the award-winning Marine Dynamics group. The Academy's overriding goal is to give people who love the marine environment a chance to immerse themselves within it, developing skills and experiences that they can use to enhance their own careers and life goals.

(Above: Estuary monitoring in the Gansbaai area, copyright © Marine Dynamics Academy)

Three programmes are available:

International Marine Volunteers: this Fair Trade Tourism certified product is suitable for anyone to gain first hand experience of eco-tourism and conservation
Scientific Skills Based Internship: a four week programme offering a series of exclusive, high level academic and field-based skills training modules for marine science undergraduates and recent graduates
Marine and Coastal Guiding: a comprehensive training and development for prospective guides that is endorsed by FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa); students can qualify and register as a legal guide.

For more information about the Marine Dynamics Academy, visit https://marinedynamics.org/academy/

Leveraging Sustainable Procurement to Transform Tourism
A collection of 16 case studies that illustrate successful sustainable procurement practices in the tourism sector were launched by UN Environment as a contribution to our Sustainable Tourism Programme. These stories show how corporate buyers have effectively embedded sustainability in their procurement processes to improve resource efficiency and reduce GHG emissions, available here.

Tourism Concern Resources Still Available
Sadly, 2018 marked the closure of Tourism Concern... Thankfully, a large part of its legacy - the vital research that it amassed over 30 years - has been made available through Travindy, which you can access here.

If you are interested, the story of Tourism Concern's years on the front line of tourism activism can be found here.

ST Trends and Challenges in 2019
Interested to see what the general expert consensus is about sustainable tourism at the moment? Read what thought leaders from around the globe are saying here.

Guidelines for Providing Sustainable Product Information
Global guidance on making effective environmental, social and economic claims, to empower and enable consumer choice. The Guidelines offer value chain and public sector professionals clear guidance on making effective, trustworthy claims to consumers, on product-related sustainability information. They are applicable to all regions and companies of all sizes. Available here.
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