Inspired by Africa

It is the artists, the musicians, & the lovers of food who can lead you on the most unique travel experiences possible. From contemporary to traditional, the FTT Family welcomes you to explore these authentic, local expressions of who and what makes a place so one-of-a-kind.
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  Coffeebeans Routes

We believe that Fair Trade and Responsible Tourism is about attempting to answer the question, through tourism, of how we make the world better.
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  Leshiba Wilderness

An eco wildlife and nature destination atop the Soutpansberg Mountains. Off the grid, invested in local community, culture and conservation.
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  Montagu Country Hotel

Offering honest hospitality, while taking our staff, community and environment on the path to sustainability with us, proudly FTT.
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A pioneer in responsible tourism and FTT-certified since 2004, Spier is an ethically-, environmentally- and socially-conscious farm in the Stellenbosch Winelands.