African Roots

Understand the journey that people and places have been on, told by those who know it best and can offer marvellous insights. Experience the ancient knowledge of traditional people and their ways of living, enjoy the charm and elegance of heritage buildings and historic architecture, and sit back for an mesmerising story of how it all came to be.
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San stories told in their own words, their ways through sensory-packed tours, their history at a very different kind of museum.
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  Awelani Lodge

Relax under the baobabs in the environmentally rich Pafuri area. Excellent for birding, northern Kruger day-trips and warm Venda connections.
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  Bartholomeus Klip Farmhouse

Historic farmstead with warm hospitality, locally-sourced delicious cuisine, a partnership for conservation, and endangered species breeding programmes.
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  Jan Harmsgat Country House

Historic Cape Dutch architecture, a working farmstead, and the warm hospitality of the Little Karoo.
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  Montagu Country Hotel

Offering honest hospitality, while taking our staff, community and environment on the path to sustainability with us, proudly FTT.
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  Oude Werf Hotel

1686 heritage building - South Africa's oldest running hotel - meets chic antique style, serving classic South African fare in the restaurant & promoting countless local businesses.
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  Three Tree Hill Lodge

We feel an enormous sense of responsibility towards nature at Three Tree Hill and cannot care for her without our community.